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A Personalized Approach to Nonprofit Marketing Strategy

At INW Creative, we often find ourselves with the amazing opportunity of creating a marketing strategy from the ground up. For many nonprofit and health care organizations, these elements have been less of a priority than patient care and direct mission work. However, we come in when these organizations realize that a lack of strategic marketing is impacting their reach and organizational growth.

We love opportunities to truly tell the story of an organization – what they do and how they function is such a small part of the story, but often what marketing and social media focuses on. When INW Creative begins strategizing a marketing plan, our first question is – who are the people that make up this organization? What makes an organization stand apart from others, especially in the nonprofit world, is the story behind the individuals who started the organization and who do the work.

As we build the story of the people behind the organization, a bigger strategy unfolds. In understanding the people, we are able to tell a truly original story that target audiences want to hear about, want to root for, and want to be a part of.

This weekend, we were able to partner with Spokane Angels to begin creating assets for the organization that reflects WHO they are, which in turn compliments WHAT they do. Spokane Angels is a nonprofit organization that supports youth and families experiencing foster care by coordinating meaningful relationships, mentoring, and intentional giving. While this mission is amazing, what I have always found especially endearing about this group is why they started and who they are.

Executive Director, Amber Swain was a teacher in Newport who felt deeply called to become a foster parent. Through her time as a foster mom, she learned about the National Angels program and enlisted her friends and fellow teachers to help her bring a chapter to the Spokane Area. These women, on top of being teachers, mothers, and wives, set their hearts and minds to the work of bringing this dream to life. As the organization began to take shape, so did their personal lives and families. They believed strongly in the mission of Spokane Angels and equally in the importance of building work around life, not the other way around. Family is always first with this group.

“If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.” Mother Teresa

For this reason, our marketing strategy included a full morning photoshoot with the Spokane Angels’ team and their families to be used throughout their website, social media, and outreach materials. We had an amazing morning bringing this passionate group together to create uplifting photos that paint a picture of resilience and hope for youth and families experiencing foster care in Spokane.

To learn more about Spokane Angels and the impact this organization is making throughout the greater Spokane area, visit their website

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